Evolution of the public WiFi services in the UK

These days, guest WiFi services are getting widely popular all over the UK. From the last many years, internet has become a hot property for many organizations because they are using it as a major marketing tool. Guest WiFi is one of the best marketing tools that ensures better business reach and helps building a brand. In UK, more and more people are now using the smart phones and other gadgets that have good WiFi connectivity. These people are always looking for a place where they could get free WiFi, so that they could enjoy high speed browsing without any cost.

There are various places that have now public WiFi hot spot. Most of the London Underground stations you are now having signs stating that “This Station is Now WiFi Connected”. There are several places in the city that are now WiFi zone. Even now many taxi operators in the London are offering free taxi WiFi for their customers.

There are many public WiFi providers that are offering seamless WiFi connectivity across all the major sport in London that include the events, malls theaters, library’s, train stations, airport, taxi stand, restaurants and other public places. If you need a great WiFi on the go then guest Wifi is the best choice.


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