How to integrate PCI DSS by the merchants?

The PCI DSS has become important software and a tool for the merchants to protect and safeguard the details of their customers. In the recent times, there were various cases report of credit card frauds and cheatings. All this has made possible because some of the merchants has not been following the PCI DSS norms and regulations. There are several things that make the PCI DSS a popular tool among the users and the merchants. Though, in order to get the complete benefit of this system and fully protect the confidential data of the debit and credit card holders, every merchant whether big or small should integrated the entire PCI DSS protocol in their process and imbibe it in their day to day working. In order to know more about the PCI, one should have a look at the PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire and will get more details on the PCI

In order to integrate the PCI system in their working, merchant nerds to first of all upgrade their computer systems. They need to create an in house server and increase the storage capacity. The PCI software requires a high end configuration with the advanced hardware devices and processors. Once upgrading the system, a merchant needs to install the PCI kit in which there are various drivers and software that need to be installed by the merchant. A merchant also needs to appoint a data engineer or network engineer and use firewall protection to protect and monitor the real time data.


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