Overcoming the problems installing the guest wifi solutions

Guest wifi solutions are now pretty common these days in many organizations and business ventures, however it I have seen noticed that these wifi connections brining in some alarming situation to the organizations. The guest wifi is simply a good concept for the organization that want to deliver much better serviced for their guests. Over the years, the guest wifi services have gained a great amount of reputation in the business as many businesses prefer them as a good marketing tool. Now, you will find the guest wifi services mostly in the shopping malls, large retail showrooms, restaurants and various offices. As more people are now using the smart phones, tablets and the PC laptops and wherever they go, they seek for a good free wifi connection for internet browsing. The guest wifi service offers seamless internet connectivity on high bandwidth, but the thing that makes a guest wifi bit of worry for the organizations is the security issues. Though most of the guest wifi is been protected with a triple layer security, but still security breach is pretty common these days and therefore organizations need to recheck their guest wifi security by installing the firewall network protection and security.


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