PCI compliance challenges for the retailers

Today, there are many challenges that every retailer is facing as far as the PCI DSS is concerned. Most of the retailers were unable to get through the system because of the lack of technical how. This system calls for the more complicated technical advancement and system up gradation. The PCI DSS is mean to safeguard the financial security of the people by not allowing the system to share their information or data through the online merchants and retailers through a safe card holder data environment. Though at one hand, this system is proven great for the customers, because they could now more freely do their online transactions without any security threat, on the other hand, this system has proven a big challenge for the retailers as most of them are not having their systems compatible with the PCI norms and guidelines. As far as the major retailers are concerned, they are able to adopt the PCI simply by upgrading the system, but for the small retailers, they are still not able to adopt the PCI because of its heavy cost of implementation and also lack of technical known how. In the coming days as data threats would more increase; therefore this time there is a need of a good PCI compliant system even for the small retailers.

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