Limitation For The Online Merchants Adhering To The Pci Compliance Norms

In the recent few years, there has been reported many cases of the data security thefts and breaches and many people has lost millions of dollars. The cyber threat is been increasing every day and it become quite a combusting job for anyone to battle with the professional cyber criminals and protect the confidential data of millions of the card holders in the world.

The PCI (Payment Card Industry) norms are designed to protect the confidential information of the card holders and provide them the protective cardholder data environment. In the recent few years, it has become mandatory for every online merchant to follow the PCI norms and prevent the data of various card holders doing financial transactions form their web portals. Though it is been good for the various customers using the online payment gateways either for buying a product or simply sending or remitting money, but its tough call for the retailers to adhere to the PCI compliance for the merchants and they need to work hard in order to implicate the following norms and they were facing lot of hurdles and obstacles like:

* Cost of implementation of the PCI software is very higher and not every retailer can afford its heavy cost of the implementation
* The changes in the PCI norms often forces the retailers either to upgrade their software and it also costs higher therefore the maintenance coast of the PCI has increased gradually.
* Once the PCI has been implemented then either retailer has to hire the professional software engineers or give the contract to the third party software firm for the maintenance of the system that directly hits the business cost.


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