How online merchants are dealing with PCI Compliance norms

These days most of the online retailers and merchants are using different payment gateways in order to complete the online transactions. Online Shopping cart has now become a prime feature of most of the online merchants and in order to procure any financial transaction the PCI compliance is very important. The PCI or Payment Card Industry compliance has become a very important regulation and norms to safeguard and protect the interest of over million customers. The online merchants all over the world have been triggered with various card spam and fraud financial transaction activities that has caused more than a billion dollar to many customers. More importantly it has caused over a million dollar fine for many online merchants.

Every online business is rated on the level from 1 to 4 based on their PCI compliance. The Payment Card Industry has set many criteria and benchmarks for the online merchants regarding the use of payment gateways. The card compliance has made it possible for the merchants to prevent the transactions from hackers and safeguard the confidential information from customers. The norm has also made it clear that every online merchant should not have more than 20,000 payment transactions in a year. This has made the online transactions more secured and safe not only for the merchants but also for the customer’s.


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